Is your site ready for sound insulation testing?

Before your Part E testing can be carried out there are certain key areas which must be complete and certain site conditions so that the tests can be carried out accurately. Below is a checklist which should be complied with before site testing takes place.

  • Site testing compliance checklist
  • All main entrance doors to dwellings / flats / rooms for residential purposes should be hung and complete including seals.
  • The site must be suitably quiet so as not to be detected by the sensitive microphone. Any site noise will have a detrimental effect on the results.
  • All windows and trickle vents must be installed and full sealed.
  • All holes in the separating walls must be fully sealed - All Plug socket and connection boxes fitted.
  • The final floor finish (carpet, lino etc.) should not be laid prior to testing unless it has been agreed with the Building Control Officer.
  • Power (240V or 110V) must be available on every floor which is to be tested.
  • Adequate lighting is required if testing is to be carried out during the evening.

Providing all of the above points can be met, your development should be ready for sound insulation testing. Give us a call for a quick and competitive quote.