Is Your Site Ready For Air Tightness Testing?

To ensure the quality and accuracy of our Part L Air Tightness Testing, certain conditions should be met on site prior to our visit. Below is a checklist of conditions that should be in place before testing in line with part L1A begins.

  • Ensure that the completed building envelope is finished i.e. doors, windows and cladding must be in place.
  • All items such as extractor fans and any duct work to the outside must be sealed and closed, as well as penetrations through floors and ceilings and all areas where the main services enter the building.
  • Ensure that all U bends have water in them.
  • Bath panels should be fully sealed, with water in all toilet U bends.
  • All internal doors should be wedged open and all trickle vents must be closed. All external doors and windows must be fully closed.
  • All boiler flue penetrations must be sealed.
  • Power (240V or 110V) must be available on every floor that requires testing.

Information we require before attending site

  • We require the design air permeability (air leakage) design target for the building. If we do not receive a design target we will assume a maximum target of 10m3/hr/m2.
  • All relevant building plans, sections and elevations must be sent to us before the test date to allow surface area and volume calculations to be made prior to our visit.

Your site should be ready for testing as long as the above criteria are met. For a fast and competitive quote please refer to our contact details below.