Our Services

MACH Testing is our professional testing division - helping you to comply with regulations and meet standards, backed up by support from MACH Acoustics’ design consultancy.

We offer a wide range of services, as stand-alone testing appointments, or in conjunction with more detailed design advice.

We work hard to ensure our processes are as efficient as possible, meaning we can offer the most cost effective, reliable and prompt service to all of our clients.

Sound Insulation Testing

MACH Testing is hugely experienced nationally in carrying out sound insulation tests as required by the Building Regulations in England and Wales.  As an ANC accredited tester of dwellings, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable, professional and cost effective service for our clients. In addition to providing test certificates, we also identify faults and can design corrective measures, all at very competitive rates.

Investigative Testing and Part-E Consultancy

Investigative testing is critical for projects where sound insulation is important and where post-completion remedies are likely to be expensive or disruptive. Again for highly competitive rates, MACH Testing can offer an insight in to the levels of sound insulation achieved on site, and provide appropriate design consultancy to achieve the desired targets.

Air Tightness Testing

Also known as air pressure, air leakage, or air permeability testing, this is a legal requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. Affordable and reliable, MACH Testing can attend site at short notice, producing test results quickly and to the satisfaction of building control. We offer air tightness testing as a stand-alone service, or as an efficient and cost effective package with our sound insulation testing.

Noise Surveys and Assessments

MACH Testing offer the highest standard of environmental noise assessments for all types of applications. From single houses, to large scale residential developments, we provide professional noise assessments to give your project the best chance of planning approval. We are also highly experienced in providing assessments for plant and mechanical noise, entertainment noise and commercial premises. Whatever the requirements, we hold the expertise to provide the most robust assessment.