Noise Surveys for Schools

MACH Testing has carried out a variety of challenging noise surveys for schools involving all types of environmental noise. Our background as acoustic consultants gives us the required expertise and experience to understand the propagation of various sound sources. Our in depth knowledge of BB93 along with ventilation requirements allow us to carry out intelligent and investigative noise surveys with the aim to show that natural ventilation can be achieved.

Since 2003 all new school developments have had to comply with BB93 as this document formed section E4 of Approved document E of the Building Regulations. BB93 requires that an environmental noise survey be carried out for all new school developments. This noise survey assesses and measures the environmental noise on the proposed site from nearby roads, trains, aeroplanes and any other forms of external noise. Once the noise levels are known an assessment can be made to establish whether the site is suitable for natural ventilation. Calculations can be carried out using the measured data to predict the internal noise levels based on the sound insulation given by an open window and the maximum permissible noise levels given in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

MACH Testing has a bigger brother - MACH Acoustics. MACH Acoustics provide high end acoustic consultancy and have vast experience in the education sector. MACH Acoustics focus is on the design of green, sustainable buildings whilst meeting the standards set out within BB93. If you require a full consultancy quote including architectural acoustic design, please visit MACH Acoustics’ website at