Frequently Asked Questions

Is my online reservation final?

Our online booking system provides our predicted prices and availability. On making a request, our engineers will contact you within 24 hours to confirm you booking and make the necessary arrangements. Your booking will not be final until we have contacted you. We request that you leave a contact telephone number for us to speed up this process (your details are not shared with third parties).

How should I pay for my sound test?

In order that we may issue your certificate on the same day as your test, we request that you make payment before the sound test via BACS, or alternatively pay with cash, cheque or card when we see you on site. When your booking is confirmed, we will issue a confirmation email, with our invoice.

Am I ready for a sound test?

See our guidance for acceptable site conditions in Am I Ready for a Sound Test above.

How many sound tests do I need?

Part-E of the Building Regulations requires dwellings within a development to be split up in to sub groups based in variance in the construction of party walls and floors. 1 set of sound tests is then required for every 10 dwellings within each sub group. A set of sound tests includes up to six individual tests – Two airborne wall tests, and two floor tests (impact and airborne).

Our online quotation system provides prices to cover developments of up to 10 dwellings, with the same separating constructions. If you have more than 10 dwellings, or varying constructions – Give us a call now for advice and a no-obligation quote.

When will I receive my certificate?

At MACH Testing we pride ourselves on the speed of our service. Not only do we offer fantastic availability, but you can also choose a date from our calendar, on a day that suits you.

Providing we have received payment (either in advance or when we see you on site), we provide your test certificate on the same day – and in many cases whilst we are on site. Job done!

What happens if my sound test fails?

Unlike a lot of sound testing companies, MACH Testing is part of one the largest and most successful acoustic consultancies in the UK. In the event of a failed test, we offer free diagnostic advice, to help you get the problem resolved. Following remedial works, the failed constructions must be retested. Discounts are provided for retests, based on the extent of testing required.

Where more substantial consultancy is required, we offer comprehensive packages for Part-E Design Consultancy and Testing.