Building Regulations - Part E

The building Regulations in England and Wales set standards for most aspects of a buildings construction including acoustic performance, fire safety, ventilation, electrical safety along with many other areas.

The complete building regulations are split up into separate parts named part A to part P.

The regulations regarding acoustic performance forms Part E of the regulations:

  • These regulations apply to nearly all new buildings and to many refurbished buildings.
  • The regulations do not apply only to residential buildings; educational, commercial and industrial buildings are also included in the building regulations.
  • The aim of the regulations is to ensure that new developments are safer, more sustainable and more accessible than previously built.
  • They also aim to make sure that buildings are built to a high standard, creating a comfortable environment to live, work or learn in.
  • Approved document E (Part E) gives performance standards relating to the sound insulation of walls and floors within new and refurbished residential buildings.
  • The document does not apply to commercial, educational or industrial buildings.
  • Part E also gives standards for adding acoustic absorption to common circulation areas and stairwells within residential blocks.

In order for a new building to be signed off by building control a number of acoustic sound insulation tests are required to be carried out by a suitably qualified acoustician.

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