BREEAM Acoustic Testing

MACH Testing has the experience and expertise to carry out acoustic testing in order to gain BREEAM points for a variety of new residential, office and educational developments. Points can be achieved by carrying out environmental noise break-in assessments, plant noise assessments (BS4142) along with other acoustic tests including sound insulation, reverberation and ambient noise tests in schools (BB93).

The code for sustainable homes also awards points to new residential developments for increased levels of sound insulation testing and by meeting higher acoustic design targets. MACH Testing has experience of working in all these areas in order to gain points for developments across the built environment.

If you have any queries regarding BREEAM assessments or would like a no obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact MACH testing and we will strive to meet all of your requirements.

What is BREEAM?

  • BREEAM Stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is a tool that allows the designers/constructors of buildings to review and improve the environmental performance of a building. It assesses all areas of design and construction to give an overall rating in terms of how green and sustainable a building is.
  • BREEAM Assessments are getting more and more common as environmental issues are growing along with people’s mindsets.
  • BREEAM helps Schools, Offices and residential buildings along with many other types of building to set environmental targets for both new and refurbished buildings.
  • The new ‘code for sustainable homes’ is the BREEAM assessment method for new residential homes which recently took over from Ecohomes. This either requires that more testing be carried out compared to Part E requirements or that the walls and floors are designed to higher targets such as +3, +5 or +8 when compared to Part E of the Building Regulations.
  • BRREAM for offices mainly looks at internal ambient noise levels and plant noise break-out to nearby residences whilst BREEAM for schools focuses on Sound insulation, Reverberation, Ambient noise, the impact of rain noise and an increased design target for music spaces.

MACH testing has all of the necessary calibrated equipment along with the experience to provide a highly competitive, cost-efficient, quality service.